Map & Directions

Harloff Funeral Home

803 South Washington Street
East Rochester, NY 14445

Phone: (585) 586-5948
Fax: (585) 248-0365

Coming from the WEST or NORTH sides of East Rochester – using the Rt. 490 Expressway: Take Rt. 490 Eastbound and get off at Exit 24 - Marked “East Rochester”. Ramp brings you down to a traffic light.. Proceed STRAIGHT thru this light and go 1/8 of a mile to second traffic light. (Landmark at this intersection - Wendy’s restaurant on your left). Turn RIGHT at this light, this puts you onto Washington Street (Rt. 153) heading South. Come down ¼ mile. Funeral Home is on your RIGHT. Entrance to Parking Lot is off Washington Street just past the building.

Coming from the EAST or SOUTH sides of East Rochester – using the Rt. 490 Expressway: Take Rt. 490 Westbound and get off at Exit 25 - Marked “Fairport & East Rochester”. Take ramp down to traffic light but STAY TO YOUR RIGHT and take the right leg of the ramp, this will merge you onto Rt. 31F heading East. You will be in the righthand lane and must merge as quickly as possible to the far lefthand lane before you get to the next intersection, approximately ¼ mile down Rt. 31F. At this intersection (there is a traffic light with a lefthand arrow) turn LEFT onto Washington Street. You are now heading North on Washington Street (Rt. 153). Come down ¼ mile and you will see the Parking Lot for the funeral home on your left.

PLEASE NOTE: We are located at the intersection of Washington Street and Hickory Street – DO NOT turn down Hickory Street unless you wish to drop off handicapped passengers in our front driveway loop. All Parking is off Washington Street.

If you need further assistance, please call us at (585) 586-5948